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Play Planet Trucker 1 Game
Game description : Do you like to travel through space in to the Milky Way galaxy and reach the other planets like Neptune, Jupiter etc? Then you would love to explore the planets with your planet trucker. Your mission in every planet is to collect the cargos from the starting point and start your journey towards the end point through the rough roads. You have so many obstacles on your way and drive carefully over and across them in order to reach your destination without losing any of the cargoes. Drive the truck with caution and concentration in order to never trip and fall down since that might crash your cargos down on the floor which results in loss of game. Every level requires a targeted amount of cargo to be delivered within the limited period of time. Watch out every step you take on the travel to the destination. This is an amazing game with numerous challenges for you to tackle effectively
Game controls : Arrow keys to play

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